HOME Kids!

At Home Church, we believe children’s ministry is the foundation for our church’s future. Psalm 78 instructs us to tell future generations about all God has done so that they might put their hope in God and obey His commandments. In HOME Kids we strive to do just that!

Our nursery (infant - 3 years old) is open for both first and second service. We offer Children's Church (4 - 8 years old) during second service. It's a fun and exciting time for the kids to learn about Jesus through Bible teaching, games, and crafts. There is also Sunday School classes during our second service for the big kids (9 - 12 years old). And for the teens (13 - 18 years old) there is Youth Group which is also during second service. We encourage all of the kids and teens to join us for first service for worship and teaching with Pastor Carlos in our sanctuary. 


Sunday mornings our children are digging into the Bible. Through creative, multi-sensory lessons our children are immersed in Bible teaching, discovering Jesus personally and learning what it means to grow in relationship with Him. At Home Church we believe families can decide what model of worship works best for them. We believe children are an integral part of the body of Christ and welcome them in any and all of our worship services. Whether you choose to worship as a family or bring your children to HOME Kids for a time of worship and learning geared just for young, active minds, we want to partner with you and raise up a generation whose heart and spirit are faithful to God.

9:00 am

During our large group worship time, children from grades K-3, are introduced to the Bible story of the day. They worship together and participate in games and activities that reinforce the Biblical truth they are learning. Join us in Room 7!

10:30 am

Dig deeper into the Bible story of the day with small group discussion time. Grouped by age, your child will engage in question and answer time, opening God’s Word and discovering for themselves how it applies to their life. With object lessons and activities to reinforce the Bible truth of the day, your child will come away with a deeper understanding of how God’s Word can grow and shape them. Join us in HOME Kids!

4th - 6th ministries

9:00 am

Join your family in our main sanctuary for worship and teaching with Pastor Carlos.

10:30 am

We know that kids this age are a little more self-conscious. With that in mind, we have two classes for this age group, one for our boys and one for our girls. Our children are encouraged to ask tough questions and find answers in God’s Word. Join us in HOME Kids as we learn how to strengthen and encourage each other and how to apply the Bible to all areas of our life.

Children's quizzing

From September to May, we offer Bible Quizzing on Sunday evenings at 5:45 pm.

Through in-depth Bible study our children learn what the Bible says and how to apply it to their lives. While competition isn’t required, our children are offered the opportunity to quiz on what they’ve learned and earn awards and trophies. With a multiple-choice method of competition, every child is allowed to answer every question and challenge themselves to reach award levels. Visit nazarene.org to find more information on Nazarene children's quizzing.

Our committment

Our HOME Kids staff is committed to providing the very best in care and education for your children. I hope that your children will know and feel the love of God while in our care. We pray they will grow in understanding of God's love, grace and mercy.

I look forward to meeting you and partnering with your family, 

Jane Morrill

Children's Director


ministry safe

We want to promote a safe and fun atmosphere for your children every time you join us. We must act to protect our children from the devastating consequences of abuse. For more information about Ministry Safe visit their website at ministrysafe.com.